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      In 2019, the regional style construction conference was held, and our company won the honor of advanced enterprise

      Author : admin | Release time : 2019-02-12 | Views : 7175

      At the beginning of the new year, with a new starting point and a new journey, the company ushered in the "opening ceremony" of 2019. On February 11, 2019, the Guangling style building conference was held in the Beijing Hangzhou Conference Center. The company was honored as the "advanced enterprise of scientific and technological progress and talent introduction" of Guangling District, Yangzhou city. At the meeting, the leaders of the district Party committee and the district government gave deep blessings to the advanced units. Looking back on the past year, as a well-known brand in the fruit and vegetable juice machinery industry, the company has made continuous progress in product improvement and innovation, constantly updated existing products, and continued research and development of new products. Our company will cherish the honor and make continuous efforts to contribute to the fruit and vegetable juice processing machinery industry in China.


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