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      Small scale without steam concentrator type II
      Heat pump heating 50-500kg Evaporation and concentration of liquids in the fields of beverages, food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals

      Scope of application

      Liquid evaporation and concentration in beverage, food, medicine and chemical industry


      A: The evaporator without steam reduces the input of boiler and avoids the troubles caused by environmental assessment

      B: The operation cost can be reduced by more than 60% compared with the traditional evaporator

      C: It is especially suitable for the concentration temperature of fermented fruit juice is lower than the safe temperature of the material, and effectively retains the original flavor and nutrition of the material

      D: It is especially suitable for the concentration of fermented fruit juice to meet the concentration of materials containing 3% - 5% alcohol

      E: The process of intelligent operating system is simplified, the workflow is clear at a glance, and one key start

      F: Simple maintenance, modular design and structural optimization


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