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      Fly-268 citrus juice extractor
      Bowl juicer is suitable for citrus fruit. It can realize the separation of four different products: juice, peel, seed coat and oil-water mixture.

      Fly-268 citrus juice extractor

      This equipment is special suitable for crumbling nearly round citrus fruits which can be used in the diameter of 35~100mm. It can separate four different products of fruit juice, fruit peel, seed nuclei capsule dressing and oil water mixture. The different grades of citrus can be feeded in the matched citrus juice extractor by the inclined belt feeder.  


      • Citrus fruit


      • Bowl type extraction with high efficiency, low bitterness and fine quality;

      • Four-channel processing separating juice, peel, kern and peel oil;

      • Fitted with automatic cleaning connect with fit-in multi-angle spray for high cleaning automation;

      • Air-pressure monitoring, light and sound alarm and automatic shut-off device ensuring safety and reliability;

      • Stream-lined outlook with compact structure;

      • High juice yield with more than 95%;

      • High fruit oil recovery rate with more than 70% of total peel oil;

      • Low fruit oil content which can be controlled in the 0.02%~0.04%

      Technical parameters

      ModelCapacity (pcs/min)Cup AmountApplicable Fruit Diameter(mm)Total Power(kw)
      Fly 268-32253100-13015
      Fly 268-5400550-10015
      Fly 268-8800840-5015


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