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      618 Type Belt Extractor 5t/hour
      High-efficiency squeezing equipment ensures the juice yield of fruits and vegetables. The new type 618 press of Fuerxi that we recommend to you is modified based on the continuous improvement and improvement of dozens of presses in multiple factories

      Scope of application

      Apple, pear, Chinese herbal medicine, broccoli, amla

      Performance Features

      • Heavy load structure design, high juice yield

      • Made of all stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards

      • The filter belt, airbag and reducer adopt foreign famous products, which are stable and reliable.

      • Perfect CIP automatic cleaning system without manual intervention

      • Frequency conversion adjusts the walking speed of the filter belt, the upper and lower filter belts are interchangeable

      • Touch screen operation control system, intuitive and friendly interface

      • A new type of device to increase the juice yield. When two pressure rollers are added to the back of the original “S”-shaped squeezing roller to press upwards, it is just between the two squeezing rollers, which is beneficial to increase the juice yield

      • The new Flourish special uniform feeding structure design is convenient for uniform feeding during feeding, ensuring the uniform density of the material layer between the filter belts, which is beneficial to improve the juice yield

      MouldCapacity(t/h)Belt Size(mm)Power(KW)Juice yield(Apple)

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