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      Are you planning to build a fruit and vegetable processing factory, but you feel unable to start and lack guidance? Contact us, we will provide you with customized solutions for the whole plant.

      We can help you complete overall plans such as general level planning, process design, equipment manufacturing, intelligent control, workshop purification, environmental protection engineering, and project declaration.

      For more information, please contact us.
      Phone: +86-19962529202
      Business email: bruce@china-flourish.com


      The good operation of the equipment is inseparable from reasonable manual operation and timely maintenance. We will train operators and maintenance personnel on equipment operation. We will show you how to operate the system and how to make the equipment run efficiently to achieve high efficiency. Guide you how to carry out all-round inspection and maintenance after using the equipment, so as to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and greatly extend the service life of the equipment.
      At the same time, we will regularly carry out skill training sessions to conduct unified on-site training and assessment for customers who purchase equipment. Through this efficient training meeting, the comprehensive skills of participants can be systematically and comprehensively improved.
      We have professional training personnel to provide you with good service.


      Our perfect after-sales service is a guarantee for you to choose us.
      If you encounter some small problems, our engineers can guide your employees online for troubleshooting and simple maintenance. Because we know that timely help you solve small problems can ensure the normal operation of your business.
      At the same time, our perfect after-sales service has a timely response speed, if you need, our engineers will arrive at the scene at a very fast speed for technical support.
      For more information, please contact us.


      We provide you with a number of upgrading services for old equipment to help improve your business.
      Any upgradeable system can be carried out, including hardware upgrade and control of electronic devices and mechanical components, software upgrade of operation optimization, etc.
      Contact us for the possibility of upgrading your existing equipment.
      Switchboard: 0514-87535198
      Business email: sales@china-flourish.com

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